PEP's partners / The network of European Technical Centers

PEP is in contact with numerous centres of expertise in all areas, more or less close to the plastics industry.

It is also an active partner in regional, national and international networks.

Without being exhaustive, let's quote links with:

European Research and Technical Centers

AIMPLAS Technological Institute of Plastics
ASCAMM Private foundation ASCAMM : multisectoral technological center
Cardiff University
CASO Consulting company
Centimfe Centro tecnológico da indústria de moldes, ferramentas especiais e plasticos - Technology center in the mold industry, special tools and plastics
ClusterPlast ClusterPlast aims to identify future challenges for the European polymer processing industries
CRP Henri Tudor The Public Research Centre Henri Tudor is a research center committed to innovation in Luxembourg
CSEM Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique - Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology
Danish Technological Institute
Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT
Fraunhofer IPA Fraunhofer Institut for manufacturing engineering and automation IPA in Stuttgart
Fraunhofer IZM IZM Fraunhofer Institut for reliability and micro integration in Berlin.
Fundacion Tekniker Technology center to enhance the innovation capacity of industrial
Kunststofe Institut Ludenscheid Plastics Institut of Lüdenscheid
Kunststoffe Cluster Plastics Cluster (Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Salzburg)
Leonardo Da Vinci The Leonardo da Vinci program is one of the sectoral programs of the Education and Training throughout life. It is designed as a tool responsible for giving impetus to training systems and vocational education in Europe in their diversity.
PIEP Pólo de Inovação em Engenharia de Polímeros - Center for innovation in engineering polymers
Politecnico di Torino Turin Polytechnical school
PROPLAST Plastics Profession
SIRRIS Sirris is the collective center of the Belgian technological industry
Smithers Rapra
STFI Sächsisches Textil Forschungs Institut - German Textile Research Center
TECOS Tools development center in Slovenia
The British Plastics Federation
Unioncamere Piemonte Union of Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont
Universitas Thomae Bata Zlinensis Université Thomas Bata de Zlin.
Vlaams Kunststofcentrum Flemish Center of Plastics

Industrial Technology Partners

Billion Billion is a specialist in multi-injection
Engel Engel is specialized in the development of injection molding machines.
EOS EOS is specialized in laser sintering (additive technology)
Fondarex® Fondarex is specialised in vacuum technology for injection molding applications
Kistler Kistler manufactures piezoresistive pressure sensors and piezoelectric, force sensors, accelerometers and analysis software in the areas of assembly, control of production, plastic injection, motor development ...
PHENIX SYSTEMS The PHENIX SYSTEMS company is developing a process of rapid prototyping and manufacturing by sintering.
Sematec métrologie Sematec métrologie is a control expertise and dimensional measurements laboratory
SIGMASOFT The 3D simulation of injection software for polymers SIGMASOFT, used by the PEP's team is published by SIGMA Engineering GmbH.
Sise Sise is specialised in control systems for temperature and process mainly dedicated to the processing industry of plastic injection